– by Annice and Marco, a starry night in Mongolia

From the plane, Mongolia looks like a land covered in white cotton candy. Even before landing, we were mesmerised by the magical terrain outside the window.

This was to be a trip of exploration. Like snowy scenes from a painting, we held hands and ascended the steps, one by one, to an ancient Buddhist temple. Beneath us lay a vast Norwegian wood, and in the near distance was a dormant, frozen lake.

Frozen Mongolia was not as cold as we imagined it would be. Nomad families living in the countryside rode water buffalo carriages to carry ice back home from the nearby frozen lake to use. Mongolian yurts are compact, cosy homes filled with everything. A coal-powered stove connected to a chimney on the roof of the yurt keeps the home toasty and lively.

Since I was young I had a dream, which was to look at the stars from the vast Mongolian plains. On this trip. I only had to look up every night to see the sky glittering with tens of thousands of flickering stars. I could see into the galaxy with my own naked eyes, something that could never be possible in a city.

Our seven-day journey is almost drawing to a close. We believe that the explorations and experiences of this trip are real and valuable.