“My mother is an artist. Since I was little, I listened to her talk about the history and stories of different schools of artists. She told me that when the Impressionists first began, because they were going against the grain at the time, they were not taken seriously and mocked.

A few years ago I went to France and visited Monet’s gardens with my family. What blew me away wasn’t simply the paintings that were hanging on the walls, but each and every corner of nature in the gardens, like paintings that had come to life. I closed my eyes and imagined what the artists of the time were looking at, that gave them the natural inspiration to use light and colours to express their feelings—what would later become known as Impressionism. One can really feel their respect and gratitude to nature.

Everyone has their own story and imagination. There’s no need to go along with convention; listen to the sounds in your heart and use your own ways to express the beauty of humans among nature. That’s happiness. ” — Martin