“Since we first met nine years ago, we’ve slowly gotten to know each other, until we became lovers. In this past year, we’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs as we grew; thankfully I had you by my side to face these challenges. I hope that in the future we will continue to love and rely on each other. I am grateful for you.

Mum, dad, I’ve grown up now. You always left dinner for me on the table when I came home late. Later, I started coming home less and less. But as long as you knew I was coming home, you would leave my favourite dishes for me, and my beloved soups. I forget which winter it was, but one day, I randomly said that I would love to have a hot breakfast in the morning. After that, dad woud make breakfast for me everyday. Until today…I never had a chance to express my gratitude and love. From now on I will learn to take care of myself as well as my family, and be good.

Today, there are many other people who are very important to me, friends I have known for more than a decade, colleagues I’ve only known for less than a year, swimming coaches who spent cold winters and blistering hot summers in the pool with, and of course the friends and family who have watched me grow up since I was a baby. I’m grateful to all of you for witnessing this moment with me.

I love you all.”

–By Janice and Kent