然後十年、數十年後,看著照片,記起的總是令人會心微笑的時刻一一 那些喜悅的眼淚、小孩和大人的歡笑、大家給自己的祝福和愛意、兩人許下的誓言,一起挽手漫步人生的感動。


What do we record each time we press the shutter?

Before the wedding, we imagine countless images and panic that something will go wrong, whether it’s the weather or human error. We worry about creating imperfections in this “once in a lifetime” event.

But I believe that “once in a lifetime” doesn’t merely mean the clothes, the decorations, or the photos. What truly matters is the vows made by two people to commit to each other for a lifetime in marriage.

Each time the shutter is pressed it is like recording the start of a marriage.
Ten, twenty, thirty years later, there will always be smiles when we look back at the photos—those tears, the laughter of children and adults, the blessings and the love, the commitment between two people, the emotions of joining together in a union for life.

Weddings are almost always elaborate in the same way. The unique thing captured in photos is the love between two people.